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Are you Selfie Satisfied?

As we become a society that is more socially engaged thru cell phones, FaceBook, Snap Chat and Instagram, we come to realize that this also means that we are capturing life’s moments and “selfies” on a daily basis. This can be an amazing thing to document and treasure but often we are looking at ourselves with a different perspective and with more scrutiny. We often have clients come into our office stating “I hate my selfie! With high-resolution digital photography on every phone, we are noticing things about ourselves from a different perspective, angle and lens such as double chin, “tech-neck” lines or the gradual formation of frown lines and lip lines.

At AMA Med Spa we understand that you want to put the best ‘YOU” forward. We strive to achieve amazing results with minimal downtime or surgery. Sometimes the subtle changes are the best. You age gracefully, so you should look younger gracefully.

We offer complimentary phone consultations to clients within the Chicagoland area. We request that you submit 3 photographs with adequate lighting and clarity. These 10-minute consultations will be with Dr. Gulcher or her amazing aesthetic nurse providers. We hope to provide you with some suggestions to help you become “Selfie Satisfied”.

Note: We cannot diagnose or treat any diseases. You should not receive any suggested treatments without proper evaluation and approval from Dr. Gulcher or her providers. Selfie Evaluations are only offered to clients that live within the Chicagoland area.

Submit Your Selfie!

    Please note we will only be able to evaluate those submissions located within a 30-mile radius of our office in Deer Park, IL