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What is truSculpt®?

truSculpt® is the latest technology that has been clinically proven to reduce unwanted fat in areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. truSculpt® has also been shown to improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How does truSculpt® work?

truSculpt® provides targeted, uniform radio frequency (RF) energy to the subcutaneous tissue layer that causes apoptosis (cell death) of the adipose (fat) cells. This leads to permanent reduction of the fat layer. RF heat is also delivered to the overlying dermis of the skin, causing neo-collagenesis (collagen production), skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Who is right for truSculpt®?

truSculpt® is ideal for both men and women that live a healthy lifestyle but have stubborn fat areas that neither diet or exercise alone can improve. The most common areas of treatment are the abdomen, inner thigh, bra fat, outer thighs and arms.

How many treatments are required?

Typically 3-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is recommended to achieve optimal results. Results have been seen as early as 4 weeks after the 1st treatment but optimal results are typically achieved 12 weeks after the last treatment.

Is truSculpt® painful?

While pain varies from patient-to-patient, most patients experience minimal discomfort.

Is there downtime?

No, truSculpt® has no downtime and you can return to most of your daily activities immediately after your treatment. Please request our pre & post care instructions for further details. We also offer complimentary consultations to see if truSculpt® is ideal for you.